Frontier Camp

Calling All Older Scouts!!!

Mountain Man CAMP 2019

Where: Roosevelt Scout Reservation, Elmer NJ

When:  August 4- August 8, 2019

Come all you older Scouts looking to Hone your skills and make a name for yourselves! Men and Women Welcome! Old Timers Too!

No need for the whole troop, just bring yourselves or a friend and come on out and join our rendezvous!

Cost: $260 for both adults and youth Join Roosevelt’s own Mountain Men as we train you in the lost arts of Frontier Living.

Over the course of four rough and hardy days, you’ll learn about living with the land and all the skills needed to survive on the wild frontier (or anywhere else really…BE PREPARED!)

Open to Older Scouts, Venturers, and Adults!

Some of the programs we will be offering this year include: Dutch Oven Cooking, Knife Throwing, Tomahawk Throwing, Animal Tracking, SAR Tracking, Edible Plants, Fire Building, Bow Drills, Throwing Sticks, Silent Movement, Natural Camouflage, Black Powder, Cordage Making, and much more!

Age Requirement: 14 years of age or older.

For more information, Contact Ryan Southerland at pineyryan@gmail.com