Customer Service

Customer service is a top priority for the Garden State Council. Since its inception, the council leadership has placed an emphasis on listening to Scouts, Scouters and community leaders for feedback, and putting that feedback into action. This is primarily accomplished through surveys to the council's membership throughout the year.
Through the survey program, the council has implemented the following changes (suggested by Scouters and parents):
  • Donor designation of gifts to the council.
  • Expansion of Cub Scout camping summer program to offer camping at a greater number of locations.
  • Disclosure of fund raising sources and use of funds through a public annual report..
The council is always looking for additional input on how it can improve. To facilitate that, there is an open and ongoing survey anyone who interacts with the council may use to tell us how to improve, or compliment an excellent staff member or volunteer. Use this survey to provide the council with your opinion!
Tell Garden State Council how you think we're doing!