The Best Job in Scouting-Commissioner Service!

The Best Job in Scouting-Commissioner Service!


You Are Cordially Invited:

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013
Rowan Service Center
693 Rancocas Rd
Westampton, NJ 08060


Please join us for information about the best job in Scouting – Commissioner Service!


Packs, Troop, and Crews need you, your knowledge, and your support.


Help units succeed and provide the best possible program for our youth, flexible schedule, be the first to know new information units need.


Commissioners are needed to keep all units informed about events and changes in procedures, and to serve as a valuable resource and friend to units.  Please join us on the 15th for information and snacks!  It would be a good time to consider Commissioner Service as your next position in Scouting. 


For more information contact:

Terry Guarduci, Quakesen District Commissioner: 609-519-8248

Nate Clark, Acting Quakesen District Executive: 609-261-5850 x 214

Mike Mohan, Mahalala District Commissioner: 856-768-8041

Chris Behrends, Mahalala District Executive: 609-261-5850 x 213