Klondike Derby 2014 - Operation Polar Bear XIV Mahalala & Quakesen

Klondike Derby 2014 - Operation Polar Bear XIV Mahalala & Quakesen

Greetings from the Great Northland!


Once again a successful Klondike Derby has come and gone with everyone reporting a good time had by all. Despite the rain on Friday night 121 scouts and 56 leaders from 19 troops braved the elements and camped out. On Saturday, which turned out to be a beautiful day, 278 scouts from 30 troops put 46 sleds on the course and participated in the events. Along with them came 120 leaders of who 86 helped staff the various stations. Additionally, 22 Webelos made the trip participating in special activities at each station.

     The sleds winning prizes after the expeditions are as follows:

    SCOUT DIVISION                                                                    SENIOR DIVISION

Troop 601 Icelandic Vikings               1st                       Troop 17  Old Reliables

Troop  5  The “A” Team                    2nd                       Troop 55  Snow Sharks

Troop 117   Grenades                       3rd                       Troop 15  Spartan Warriors

Troop 439  Badgers of Wonder       4th

Troop 18    Eagles                              5th

Troop 606  Dragons III                      6th

                                                    Fastest Sled

Troop  5   The “A” Team                                      Troop 45  Anti Gravity Ninja Warriors

   Scavenger Hunt Winner:    Troop 15     Spartan Warriors

   Most Unusual Egg Protection Design Winner:   Troop 20   Duct Tape Patrol


 Many thanks to all the leaders who served on staff, without their efforts this event is not possible. Special thanks to the Expedition city Mayors who attended the planning meetings.

 Several units were not present to receive their awards and patches and there were a large number of Lost and Found items turned in so please check at the Rowan Scout Center to see if any belong to you.


 Until next year, this is The Old Prospector signing off!


Special Note:   There will be a wrap up meeting on Monday March 17 at 7:30 pm at the Rowan Scout Center. All are welcome to attend to express any thoughts, suggestions or criticisms.