Lenape Lodge 8

Lenape Lodge 8

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  • Jan 09, 2014


The October merger convention proved to be very productive as well as exciting for all participants. I had a great time getting together with old friends and making new ones. I am very excited to serve as Lodge Chief of Lenape lodge. We have a promising future with great leadership, youth and adults, to lead the way. We look forward to a year full of events and new adventures. It is my hope that all our members will come out to the events and continue to support us as we grow into this new lodge while increasing membership and promoting brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service. Please remember to check our website often for news, opportunities and events going on at www.lenape8.org Our first lodge executive board meeting is going to be held at Pine Hill Scout camp Lekau Lodge January 19th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm all elected lodge officers and advisers, committee chairs and their advisers chapter chiefs and adviser as well as lodge trained unit representatives are expected to attend. General membership is welcome to attend as observers and interested parties. Directions to camp can be found on the council website.

Xavier Tarr
Lenape 8 Chief



Greeting Leaders and Scouts,

We are excited to announce the merger completion of the former Hunnikick and Te’Kening lodges to create Lenape Lodge 8 of the Garden State Council. During the past year 5 youth members from each lodge worked diligently and passionately to bring the two lodges together. This process peaked in October with a lodge merger convention held at Camp Roosevelt. During the weekend, the youth membership ratified a new set of lodge by-laws, chose a new lodge name, number, and totem, as well as held officer elections. In my more than 30 years of Scouting, I was impressed how well the youth worked to put together a plan, a new lodge, and were able to place the memberships' needs before their own. We still have work ahead of us and future articles are forth coming as we continue our course as Lenape Lodge, we promise to keep our members and council updated on our activities and provide a great level of service to our youth and council.

Allen Thorpe
Lenape Lodge Advisor