Quakesen District Emblem Design Contest

Quakesen District Emblem Design Contest

Take pride in your district and showcase your artistic skills in our first ever Quakesen Emblem Design Contest!

Become a part of Scouting history by designing the first ever Quakesen District Emblem.

Winner will receive a special edition gold embroidered patch AND a $100 Garden State Council Summer Camp Credit!

For more information contact Tom Gray at 609-261-5850 ext.220 or thgray@bsamail.org

Contest Rules:

1. Image must fit into (3”x3”) square or 3"  circular patch

2. Image represents the Quakesen side of Burlington County.

3. Design must contain the words “Quakesen or Quakesen District”

4. Design must contain words “Garden State Council”

5. Design must contain wording “Boy Scouts of America” or “B.S.A.”

6. Design must have the Fleur de Lis

7. Designs must be submitted to council by January 18th, 2014