Service Hours Reporting

Service Hours Reporting


Unit Leaders

Are you reporting your service hours? Do you know how to report your service hours? Do you know that reporting your hours helps get funding for council and gives you points on your JTE?

Service Hours are reported on the JTE website http://www.scouting.org/JTE.aspx. Go to the middle of the page on the right hand side.

Contact your District Executive if you are in need of your unit ID #.

When can projects be reported? You may report projects anytime during the current charter year but it would be best to report right after the project is completed.

Who should report your hours? Anyone can sign in to JTE and report hours. Maybe a job for your troop scribe or your Committee secretary or a parent who is just starting to get involved. Using a generic pass code such as your unit number will make it easy to transfer the job to new leaders.

What information do I need to report? The attachment below is available for you to print and take with you to your project so you can record the necessary information and then just enter it online.


Need ideas for service projects? Check out the list of non-profits on the council website www.gardenstatescouting.org. Go to programs then advancement then Eagle.


Any problems with reporting can be addressed to your District Executive or Jennifer Ellis Mahalala Service Project Coordinator jenrethore@gmail.com.