Volunteer Involvement Programs

Many companies, big and small, encourage their employees to volunteer with non-profit organizations and become actively engaged in the local community. As an incentive, some offer Volunteer Involvement Programs (VIP) or Mini-Grants which provide funding to the non-profit based on the amount of hours the employee volunteers. 

How Does It Work?  Each company is a little different, but most offer a set rate per hour with a maximum cap on what can be earned annually (example: $10 per hour, capped at 200 hours). Some companies offer a flat amount that can earned during a fiscal year once requirements are met (example: Bloomberg offers $5,000).

Who Qualifies? Registered Leaders definately, but you do not have to be a registered leader to qualify as a volunteer for Scouting. Parents and other family members also volunteer their time by attending meetings, making phone calls, preparing snacks, driving to and from activities and meetings, just to name a few. Anything a person does for youth in a Scouting venue counts as volunteering and counts towards these Volunteer Involvement Programs. 

How Do I Apply? Check with your Human Resources Department to see if your company participates in program like this that rewards employees for hours spent volunteering. They will tell you what the process is to apply and submit paperwork. Note: The name of the program may differ by organization, so it may not be called VIP).

Mini-Grants: Many local coporations also offer Mini-Grants to reward employees for volunteering in the community. Mini-Grants typically require an application and approval, and can be competitive. Contact your Human Resources Department or Corporate Foundation for details.

Here is a list of some companies that have been known to support VIP  Programs: Campbell’s Soup,  Bank of America, Bloomberg, Bristol Myers Squibb, Dow Jones, Deutsche Bank,  Exxon/Mobil, FMC Corp, Intel, ING,  JC Penney, Merck, Morgan Stanley, McGraw Hill, Microsoft, Prudential, PSE&G, Pfizer,TD Bank, Telcordia and Verizon.

You can also multiply your contribution by applying for Matching Gifts from your place of employment. 

Companies that participate in the annual United Way Campaign may allow employees to designate the recipient of the donation. The Garden State Council is an approved United Way non-profit organization.