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Next White Horse District Roundtable

The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, November 13, 2018 in the Cafeteria at the Glen Landing Middle School

Please note the change of location!

Watch this page and the Garden State Council's Knapsack for more information about this meeting.

See you at Roundtable!

Meetings from 2018-2019

October 9, 2018 - Meeting Notes and Links

All of the information about Online Registration can be found at https://www.scouting.org/onlineregistration. The Online Registration Unit Guidebook was updated in July. Make sure you have the latest version! There aren't any actual manuals for the rest of the My.Scouting Tools, but each page has a help button relevent to that page.

We talked about the SCOUTStrong Healthy Unit Initiative in the Cub breakout, but it applies to Troops as well. General information about the program can be found at https://www.scouting.org/scoutstronghealthyunit. To work on the SCOUTStrong Healthy Unit Award, go to https://www.scouting.org/resources/bsa-fit/healthy-unit/ for age-specific award trackers, printable unit certficates and links to the SCOUTStrong patches. We also stock the patches in the Rowan & Riggins Trading Posts.

August 14, 2018 -  Meeting Notes

Links to resources mentioned at the meeting... -

Newly revised information page about Family Scouting for both Packs & Troops - https://www.scouting.org/familyscouting/

The ScoutingWire Volunteers page is a collection of new stories from around the BSA. From this page, you can also link to Marketing & Membership for resources on how to grow your unit and the BSA Brand Center where you can get BSA logos, insignia and graphics for the new Scout Me In campaign - https://scoutingwire.org/volunteers/

This is the new BSA Today video series where the BSA shares inormation and updates on timely Scouting topics - https://scoutingwire.org/new-bsa-today-video-series-debuts-to-share-info-and-updates-on-timely-scouting-topics/

And, this link leads to the BSA's two audio podcasts, ScoutsCast & CubCast. YOu can listen right on the page - https://podcast.scouting.org

Meetings from 2017-2018

May 8,  2018 -  Meeting Notes

Cub Scout Pack Meeting Notes:

Pack Meeting Plans for June, 2018 - Obedient - Wheeling into Summer

Bicycle Safety Activity Kit from National Highway Transportation Safety Agency (NHTSA)

Cub Scout Bike Rodeo article from Scouting Magazine

An Organizer’s Guide to Bicycle Rodeos from Cornell University

Boy Scout Troop Meeting Notes:

Fred Stine would like you to know about a volunteer opportunity coming up on May 12th: Von Nieda Park Beautification Day in Cramer Hill, NJ. Follow the link or contact Fred at fred@delawareriverkeeper.org


April 10,  2018 -  Cub Scout Meeting Notes

Pack Meeting Plans for May, 2018 - Friendly - Treasure Hunters

Roundtable handout for Webelos to Scout Transition


March 13, 2018 - Cub Scout Meeting Notes

Frank Garriel from Pack 184 in Erial shared his pack's formula for success in membership growth. Links to his slide deck & Membership Workbook are here:

 WHD Spring Recruitng Slide Deck

​​ WHD Spring Recruiting Workbook

Pack Meeting Plans for April, 2018 - Loyal - Cubs in the Future


February 13, 2018 - Meeting Notes

Take a look at the awesome volunteer and learning opportunities from the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, an organization devoted to keeping the Delaware River and it's tributaries "free-flowing, clean and healthy."

And check out this article in SJ Magazine, about the White Horse District's own Mike McCormick, a leader in Pack and Troop 48. Mike runs a blog at SouthJerseyTrails.org about hiking in South Jersey. Check it out!

Cub Scout Meeting Notes:

Pack Meeting Plans for March, 2018 - Trustworthy – Cub Scout Investigators

Roundtable handout for Den and Pack Behavior and Discipline


January 9, 2017 - Cub Scout Meeting Notes

New Member Coordinator Resources on Scouting Wire

Pack Meeting Plans for February, 2018 - Cheerful - Abracadabra!


December 12, 2017 - Cub Scout Meeting Notes

Resources from the Roundtable Planning Guide:


August 8, 2017 Meeting - Membership Rally

Online Registration - The national information page for Online Registration can be found at www.scouting.org/onlineregistration. A document describing how the Garden State Council is implementing Online Registration can be found here.

Cub Scout Breakout - Here's some tips for a succesful Pack Membership Roundup Night


Meetings from 2016-2017

New upload (4/4/17) - April Roundtable notes are uploaded, including notes from our three presenters (changes in Eagle paperwork, Philmont 2018 Treks, and Masons Making Eagle Presentations).  Also includes notes from our discussion on New Parent Packets/Bylaws.

New upload (1/11/17) - January Roundtable notes from Boy Scout Breakout Session from special presentation on "How to Pitch a Story to the Media", plus conversations on how to get your alumni involved.

New upload (1/9/17) - December roundtable notes on Trip Planning and the Boy Led Troop and more!

New upload (11/23/16) - November Rountable notes from our discussions this month, including in house leadership training in different troops and exciting trips so far this year.

​Apologies for October notes on Digital Marketing not yet being available, I am having technical difficulties with them.

New upload (9/21/16) - September Roundtable notes from our discussions this month!

New upload (5/1/16) - April Roundtable notes from our discussion about recruitment and resources.  Keep those ideas coming!

New upload - (3/8/16) - March Roundtable notes from our discussions on canoeing resources, National Jamboree, and 2017 District Camping event.

New upload - (2/9/16) - February Roundtable notes from our presentation on Wilderness First Aid and our other presentation on Venture Crew.  

New upload (1/12/16) - January Roundtable notes from our dicussion about Winter Camping, area ski places, and the Klondike Derby.

New upload (11/20/15) - November Roundtable handout with our notes from the discussion we had about Outdoor Ethics/Leave No Trace, plus further information on the key Leave No Trace people in Council and where Scouts can go for training as a Leave No Trace Trainer for their Troop.  Also our notes on what we'd like to see in a camping resource list.

New upload (11/10/15) - October Roundtable handout with the notes from the discussion we had about upcoming advancement changes!  Included are the PDFs from the BSA on what the changes are, as well as who has to start doing the new requirements when.  I also included links to more in depth write up on the changes for each rank from the scoutmastercg.com website.

New upload (11/10/15) - Information on how to get started on online advancement for your unit!

New upload (9/12/15) - Listing of South Jersey Area Scouting and Community Events for Troops (or Patrol Outing ideas), Crews, Packs, and Dens.  We are *ALWAYS* looking for more stuff to list, so if you know of a great activity, event, festival, or scheduled happening that might be good for a group of Scouts, let us know! 

New upload (9/11/15) - Handout from the White Horse Roundtable - Boy Scout Breakout Session now available to download and print at the bottom of this page!

Meeting theme was STEM, and notes include a dozen groups in the area that offer STEM and Science related programs, a list of some ways local Troops have already used STEM in their program, an idea for a three week patrol-method STEM competition with patrols designing mouse-trap cars, and notes of what was shared and discussed at the new open forum part of the break-out, where Troop leaders can share ideas and ask questions about how Troops and Crews handle different situations.  Some of the topics that came up this month included sharing some great trip ideas, an idea for inter-council archery and rifle shooting team competitions run via the web, and how different troops handle cell phones with their Scouts.

This paper (which will be out monthly) is ideal to hand to your Patrol Leader Council, as it has lists of ideas and resources that they can use in their programs, immediately or in the future.  Helpful for Scoutmasters and other leaders looking to shake things up, or simply for more ideas!  The best part is, everything was generated by the 15 leaders who attended the meeting, nearly all of them Troop leaders just like you.
Miss the meeting?  Come out to the next one October 13th!  Bring your ideas, experiences, questions, concerns, discussion topics, and your enthusiasm!  The more folks, the merrier!