All the fun that can be had at the White Horse District Roundtable!

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Our Next Meeting - March 10, 2020

Join your fellow leaders from the White Horse District for our March Roundtable Meeting in the library at the Glen Landing Middle School, 85 Little Gloucester Road, Blackwood, NJ 08012. Gathering starts at 7:00. Opening is at 7:30.

Our special guest this month will be Mike Perry, Garden State Council's Program Director, who will bring us up to date on all the camping programs in our council. Not just Summer Camp, but year-round camping programs as well. 

Meetings from 2019-2020

March 10, 2020 - Meeting Notes and Links

Our topic in the Cub breakout was Camping with Cubs. Here are links for some of the resources we discussed - 

January 14, 2020 - Meeting Notes and Links

"Thank you" to Jim Taylor from the Battleship New Jersey for his presentation on opportunities for Scouts on the Battleship. For more information, vist their web page at http://www.battleshipnewjersey.org.

A key pack position for On-boarding New Families is the New Member Coordinator. Here's some links to the BSA NAtional website that will help you get started.

This logo can help identify your pack's NMC and is a great graphic to add to your on-boarding materials. It's a great way to let a new family know that you're glad they joined your pack.

Scouting Wire New Member Coordinator page - The first place to look with position descriptions, logos, FAQs 

Why Every Scout Unit Needs a New Member Coordinator - An article from Bryan on Scouting  

Gear Up Your NMC - Shirts, hats and more from Scoutshop.org

Welcome New Cub Scout Family - We've handed this out before, but it might be a nice addition to the other information you give your new families.


October 15, 2019 - Meeting Notes and Links

All the Recharter information we talked about in the combined meeting can be found on the GSC Recharter page. This includes downloadable copies of all the forms included in your Recharter Package, the revised National Membership Fees, links to the Online Recharter portal and the new Additional Disclosure and Background Check Authorization form that is required for all adult members to renew their membership in 2020. A link to an FAQ article from Scouting Magazine is also provided.

The Online Recharter Portal is now open!

August 13, 2019 - Membership Rally Meeting Notes and Links

In the Cub Breakout we discussed resources from the national website that will help you with your recruiting efforts.

Your starting point is the Marketing and Membership Hub.

From there you can find the Pack and Den Recruiting page and the Sign-up Night Playbook.  The playbook has great information about running your pack sign-up night.

Some more good recruiting resources come from the Cub Scout program pages. The Welcome! New Cub Scout Family brochure would make a great handout or addition to a New Family packet. Also, take a look at the Den Meeting Resources for some information you might want to give to a prospective new leader. Each rank topic has a description of that leader's job. One example is the Welcome! New Lion or Tiger Den Leader 

There are also two key people that can make your pack a more inviting place. They are the Pack Trainer, who serves as a mentor for new leaders, and the New Member Coordinator, who makes new families welcome in your pack and guides them through thier joining process. The Pack Trainer's job is described in the Cub Scout Leader Book. And you can find out more about the the New Member Coordinator here.