How do we serve more young people with a better Scouting program?

The Garden State Council's purpose is to support the Packs, Troops, Team, Crews, Posts, and Labs in South Jersey to deliver an exceptional Scouting program. This is accomplished in four ways:

- Member experience: ensure unit, district, and council programs exceed expectations.

- Membership growth: support units in growing and serving more youth.

- Financial sustainability: provide financial resources to support unit service and properties.

- Volunteer engagement: develop and train volunteers to fuel Scouting.

To ensure the council is aligned on the path to growth, the council executive board approved a strategic plan: GSC2020.  This plan articulates a vision for Scouting in South Jersey on January 1, 2020, and identifies the key 25 strategic objectives that will be required to achieve it.

In early 2017, 2018 and 2019, the board will approve annual goals to help advance toward the GSC2020 vision. The plan, and these goals, have been designed in a way that they ought to empower individual volunteers, Scouts, and committees.

The goal of GSC2020 is to provide a framework each committee can use to align their plans behind the council's long-term vision. The plan is designed to evolve with the needs of the council, and provide room for people to develop creative solutions that bring Scouting forward. 

If you have any questions on the plan, or suggestions for its implementation, please reach out to the strategic planning committee via gsc2020@gardenstatescouting.org.