December 1 Membership Fee Update

December 1 Membership Fee Update

Volunteers of the Garden State Council –

We invite you to watch the video message and review the FAQ below.

The key takeaway: there was recently announced an annual membership fee increase from the National Council – from $33 to $60 for Scout youth, an increase of $27.

The Garden State Council will cover half the cost ($13.50 per Scout) of this increase. Council leadership believes no financial burden, or the poor timing of such an announcement, should prevent a young person from being a Scout.

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• On October 23rd, the Boy Scouts of America announced that effective January 1, 2020, the annual youth registration fee will be $60. That’s up from $33. 100% of this fee goes to support National services.

• While the local Council understands the need, feedback from unit volunteers has focused on the poor timing. Many units have already planned for 2020 and, for some families, this increase is cost-prohibitive.

• Volunteer members of the Executive Board of the Garden State Council swiftly reviewed options with the goal of helping our families mitigate some of this increase for 2020.

What has been decided?

• The Executive Board is committing to use funds to help rechartering families offset half of the increase.

• This commitment from our Executive Board will only be for youth members currently registered and rechartering for 2020.

• These dollars come from an investment fund known as the Camp Corporation. The Camp Corporation is led by a Board of volunteers, who are also Board members of the Garden State Council.

What’s next?

• All units are encouraged to complete the recharter process in December, by completing the online portion, printing, securing signatures – and settling up directly with the Council to ensure a savings of $13.50 per youth.

Don’t forget:

• This is a one-time effort to help our current families prepare appropriately for the following year’s fees in 2021.

If you have any questions, reach out to your District-serving Executive or contact patrick.linfors@scouting.org