Program Cabinet




Concepts behind the structure for Council Program Cabinet:

All actions of the Program Cabinet are based upon “critical mass” or “scope of impact” - Council assists with resources, support, promotion, quality control and JTE

 Critical Mass = number of participants and number/quality of staff/trainers

Concepts/Ideas/Needs identified at the district level and initially addressed there; where critical mass cannot be met, the Program Cabinet will assist in the development of the program and its expansion.  When a program or event is of council-wide impact the Committees of the Program Cabinet may carry out the event or program.

Chairperson(s) oversees Committee(s) and work with the advice and consent of the VP Program and Staff Advisor

Training Committee:

Assistant Chairs: along program lines  (Cub, Scouting/Varsity, Venturing/Exploring)

Program/Function Coordinators as required – coordinate/oversee major Council training events (ITOLS/OWL, Pow Wow, Trainers EDGE, Wood Badge, NYLT, etc.)

District Training Chairs-at least five (one per district) are responsible for training at district level and promoting Council Committee events.  Set up their committee as needed.

Training Committee will support and coordinate training across and among the Districts based upon critical masses.

Activities Committee:

The Committee Chair will work with their counter parts in each district

Plan and coordinate Council-wide activates including council camporees and multi-district events. Council and District events will be alternated in the spring and fall.

Assist with planning, coordination and execution of District events including camporees.

Activities include Jamboree preparation as well as special events, e.g.: awards dinners - adding and reducing event coordinators as required.

Advancement Committee:

Committee Chair and Assistant Chairs will work with District Advancement Chairs and District Eagle Program Coordinators as well as Council Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venture Program Advancement Coordinators insure that the Council Advancement Program meet the needs of the Youth of the Council and addressing the Advancement provisions of the JTE standard serving as quality control.

Will oversee the Eagle Scout Program and related events insuring coordination among the districts and quality control.

Committee will assist in the coordination, quality and completeness of the Advancement Program from the unit to the district to the council

As units and Districts identify needs, the committee will assist in the coordination and planning of programs to address need’ i.e. Scout College

Committee will advertise advancement actives and opportunities across the council