Year End Giving


A Message from the Scout Executive

Over the past 18-months, our society has been tested by a global pandemic, political tribalism, racial injustice, unemployment, and food insecurity, just to name a few. As an Eagle Scout, father to two Scouts, a Troop Committee member, and as someone who chooses Scouting for my life’s work, I believe that Scouting is one of the solutions to the challenges we face.

The outcomes of Scouting – being prepared, providing cheerful service, and leading with good character – are critically needed, and I’m proud to say, they are alive and well. Whether it’s collecting food for the hungry, projects that promote sustainability, beautifying public spaces, or saluting the fallen, Scouts across South Jersey continue to rise to the occasion. Our Scouts are growing, advancing, and having fun. Our local Council is working hard to keep the flame of Scouting burning brightly.

This holiday season, I ask you to consider a financial gift to Scouting before the end of the year. As an independent, 501c3, non-profit organization, registered in the state of New Jersey, the Garden State Council, BSA, operates exclusively on the generosity of members and community donors.

Your gift provides, among other things:

  • Free tent-camping access for Scouting families at all Council camp properties
  • Local programs, activities, and trainings, where costs remain low because of your support
  • Camp scholarships, uniforms, and registration fees for youth in need
  • Field, admin and camp staff who counsel, guide and support volunteer leadership
  • Scout Shops and Service Centers that coordinate activities and provide customer service

When considering a gift to Scouting for 2021, please note it costs the Garden State Council $200 to provide one year of Scouting to each youth member. Again, any amount is appreciated. Participation is the key.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season! Thank you for your consideration and participation!

Patrick Linfors
Scout Executive / CEO
Garden State Council, BSA

Contact Us

For more information on planned giving, endowments, and strategies to maximize your support to local Scouting and build a legacy of support for future generations of Scouts, contact our Development Director Joyce Skradzinski at (856) 327-1700 ext. 124, joyce.skradzinski@scouting.org