4-Star Camping Award

4 Star Camping Award

The Garden State Council is offering a FREE patch award to Scouts & Leaders that camp on all 4 Garden State Council properties. This award is available to any member of a Troop, Crew, or Team who completes the following:

  1. Spends at least 1 night on each of the 4 properties. These nights must be part of a Troop, Crew, or Team activity. Nights spent at camp for Summer camp, OA events, and other non-unit managed programs do not count towards this award.

  2. Camping must be accomplished within a 2-year period. For example: if a Scout camps at Pine Hill Scout Reservation on February 17, 2017, then he has until February 17, 2019 to camp on the other properties.

Request your patches by downloading and submitting the form below.

4 Individual Camp CSPs have been designed to fit around this patch to make a total 5-set piece!

Each CSP is available in each Camp's Trading Post (The Halgas CSP is available at the Rowan Scout Resource Center since there is no trading post on the property)