Sikhs and Scouting

Many opportunities exist for Sikh youth to participate in Scouting programs. The Scout Oath and Scout Law blend seamlessly with the Sikh belief system, and the focus on giving back to your community goes hand-in-hand with the Sikh teachings that prescribe “serving humanity through completely selfless service.”

There is no limit to what a Sikh Scout can do, from hiking and camping to becoming an Eagle Scout. Sikh Scouts are allowed to wear traditional Turbans as part of the Scout uniform.

The 4 religious awards by grade level available to Sikh scouts

Sikh Religious Awards

Sikh Scouts have the opportunity to earn the Sikh Religious Award available at each grade level. Workbooks are available for each:

More Resources

For more information about Sikhs and Scouting download the “Sikhs and Scouts” brochure (below) that was  created by a Garden State Council volunteer (and proud parent of two Sikh Eagle Scouts). This brochure was adopted by the National Council of Boy Scouts of America.  

The second brochure by the American Sikh Council answers Why Sikhs Should Join Scouting.

To learn more about the Sikhs in Scouting initiative, download the brochure by the American Sikh Council.

If you would like to bring Scouting to your Sikh community, or would like to know more about how to involve your child with a traditional Scouting unit, please contact: Kavneet (Kavi) Pannu, President of the American Sikh Council and an Assistant Scoutmaster for a Scouts BSA Troop in Berlin, N.J.

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