The annual popcorn sale fundraiser through Trails End runs late summer through late November and is a great way for each Scout to earn their way and fund all of the adventures that await them in the next year. Trails End offers great sales tools for Scouts as well as units, including an easy online dashboard, a seller’s app, integration with the Square credit card reader, and more. Read on for important resources and information from Garden State Council to help your unit and Scouts have a successful popcorn sale season!

For the 2020 sale, Trails End is offering more online, contactless tools than ever before! When our Scouts learn how to sell online, they reach more customers, offer direct fulfillment, and learn modern digital techniques that they can apply to other parts of their lives. Visit Trails End’s Scouts page to learn more and start selling today!

Questions? Contact your District Executive or District Popcorn Kernel. Contact information for each can be found on the District pages, reachable here. Or, email Council’s popcorn coordinator.

Get the Trails End app for popcorn sellers

Text APP to 62771 or download from your device’s app store (available for iOS and Android).

Key Dates for the 2020 Popcorn Sale

Online Direct/Early Take Order Begins:                      July 1

August Show-n-Sell Orders Due:                                 July 20

Online Direct/Early Take Order/Payment Due:        July 20

August Show-n-Sell Distribution:                                 August 8

September Show-n-Sell Order Due:                            August 22

Early Take Order/Payment Due:                                  August 22

September Show-n-Sell Distribution:                         September 12

Final Take Order Due:                                                     October 24

Take Order Distribution:                                                 November 14

Early Payment for Additional 2% Commission:        November 21

Final Payment Due:                                                          December 5

Garden State Council Unit Commission Structure

Unit Sales Base Commission Early Payment Total Commission
$40,000 and above 40%
$20,000 and above 37% +2% 39%
$10,000 and above 35% +2% 37%
$5,000 and above 32% +2% 34%
$4,999 and below 31% +2% 33%

Product Return Policy

Due To Issues Related To COVID-19, There Will Be No Return of Product This Year

Training, Community, and More

To access the Trail’s End Popcorn ordering system go to scouting.trails-end.com.  If you do not have an account, contact your district executive and they can create one for you.

Popcorn Training is Available Online at https://www.trails-end.com/unit-training-dashboard

Trails End Community Facebook Group

This is the link for the Trails End Community Facebook Group. This Group is different from the one designed just for unit leaders and Popcorn Kernels.

Trails End Leaders Facebook Group

This is the link for the Trails End Leaders and Kernels Facebook Group. This Group is different from the one designed just for parents and the general Scouting community.