Garden State Council Scout Executive Patrick Linfors offers this recap of the main points discussed at the online “town hall” held on April 7th.

Thanks to the 50+ people who joined our Online Town Hall last night. The Council Key 3 is hearing feedback requesting more visits like this throughout the year. Stay tuned for future opportunities to gather as a Scouting family.

Several of you asked if the call was recorded. Unfortunately, the answer is no. While there may not have been youth on the call, as a practice, the Council doesn’t record video calls because it’s against Youth Protection policy and the BSA’s digital safety guidelines.


We covered lots of ground on the call, thanks to great questions in advance and during the meeting. Much of the topics were related to COVID’s effect on our programs.

Here is a brief recap.

On Program:


On unit finance:

On Council operations:

On the Council’s strategic plan:

On Council goals:

On membership:

On the Council website:

Again, thanks to all who were on the call and made it fun.

Scout On!