Online Adult Registration is Here

Starting April 9, the Garden State Council will activate Online Registration for adult volunteers! Adult registration is available for all positions at the Council, District, and unit levels.

Online applications for adults are a lot like youth applications, except the approval process for adults involves the Chartered
Organization Representative (COR). Just as the COR must sign each paper adult application, they must also approve adult applications submitted online. This involves reading and acknowledging any positive answers to the screening questions, assigning a position in the unit and approving the application.

The unit Committee Chair (CC) can recommend a position to the COR if the unit sets the Committee Chair and Chartered Org Representative Approval Required option in the My.Scouting.org Organization Manager under Membership Application Approval.

There are a couple of things to be aware of:

Online Registration can’t be used for Transfers or Changes of Position. These require paper applications. Applications for no-fee district positions like Merit Badge Counselor, Nova Counselor and SuperNova Mentor can be entered. Merit Badge Counselors and SuperNova Mentors will still need to submit the appropriate Information Form to their District Executive.

More information about Online Registration can be found at


You can download the Online Registration Unit Guidebook from there. The sections relating to handling adult applications start on page 11 and page 33.

Email Registrar@GardenStateScouting.org for more information.