Tools for Growing Your Scouting Unit

Welcome to Garden State Council’s Membership Recruitment Hub. We hope you find the resources included here useful as you reach out into your communities to bring Scouting to more youth and adult volunteers. We see this page as a place for new ideas and tools, so let the Membership Committee know if you have an idea or tool to share!  

First up: Virtual Join Nights, yard signs, and other fall season recruiting efforts. Please use this survey to request program-specific lawn signs (Cub Scouts or Scouts BSA).

A virtual Join Night can be a great way to reach a lot of busy families, efficiently, especially if your usual meeting location is closed to outside groups. Here is a sample outline of a virtual join night for a Cub Scout Pack. Keep the event engaging with one of the Scout Talk videos, linked below, and consider playing a quick Cub Scout icebreaker game!

In-person recruitment events are also possible. Gather interested families in a park or host a “drive through” sign-up event! Be sure to promote your event on your unit’s Facebook Page, and share it to your community’s Facebook interest groups.

Mark your calendars for the Sept. 26 “Signs Up” campaign, when units and Scouting families throughout Council — and throughout all of Northeast Region Area 5 — put out their Scouting lawn signs in a coordinated awareness campaign. To increase the impact, families are encouraged to post pics of their lawn signs and of their Scouts in uniform to social media and use the hashtag #signsup. You can also visit the Northeast Region Area 5’s Facebook Page and post your pics in the comments.

Signs Up promotion campaign banner

Scout Talk Videos

The BSA created “Scout Talk” videos, and we have selected a few for easy sharing and posting by units. Use these videos of Cub Scouts or Scouts BSA members on your social media pages and unit websites. 

Before your virtual or in-person Join Night, review these “Scout Talk Questions Answered” videos as a way to prepare. If you need additional resources, including pre-formatted social media posts and additional videos, visit the BSA’s Brand Center!

Resources for Answering Questions

Scouting instills values, gives youth a competitive edge and helps them become resilient adults, adults who lead. Scouting brings families together and gives them the platform for true, quality time together, where memories can be made that last a lifetime.

We also recognize that in your social circles, some may wonder about Scouting. They may ask questions about things they’ve heard or seen. They may be confused about who we are and what we do.

To help you answer those questions, we’ve put together a few tools for you.

We need to remind our communities why Scouting has thrived for more than 110-years. While we’ve evolved over the decades, along with our country, our values remain grounded in the same Scout Oath and Law.

Every family in our country should be invited and welcomed into Scouting.

If parents want their children to:

  • Be of good character
  • To experience the outdoors
  • To make friends
  • To have fun
  • To learn things that will help them navigate life
  • To be inspired to find careers and lifelong hobbies
  • To work cooperatively with peers and adults
  • And so much more

Then, they should try Scouting.

Please use the following tips and tools to help facilitate conversation as needed. You may have already received that question: “What’s going on with Scouting? What am I hearing about?”

Tell Your Story

Lead with your story. Share why you choose Scouting for your family. If you’re a volunteer, explain why. Share the impact you’re making. If they know you, they will connect with your genuine assessment.

Share How Scouting Continues

Share with them what Scouting is doing. While you can reference some national results, Scouting by the Numbers, focus on what your unit is doing locally. Share that in our local council, units have been meeting through the pandemic, either online, or in-person following all the safety guidelines of the State. Remember that the local Council has offered significant virtual programming since the start of COVID-19 including service projects, virtual campouts, activities, and advancements. The Council also has a robust plan to support units with virtual and in-person programming this fall.

Ask What They Heard

Ask them what they’ve heard. If it’s related to the national bankruptcy case or the advertising they may be seeing connected to past cases of abuse, please be prepared to address those questions. Please review the following tools to help you better understand these complex issues and help you better answer questions:

  • Safe Scouting in the GSC
  • 3-Things to Know about the BSA Restructuring
  • Youth Safety Fact Sheet
  • Bankruptcy FAQ
  • If you encounter a question you can’t answer or need some help, do not hesitate to reach out to your District-serving Executive or feel free to reach out directly to our Council’s Chief Scout Executive, Patrick Linfors.

    Before any conversation about Scouting ends, don’t forget to invite them to join. The easiest way to do that is to invite them to join your unit and they can register online at