Green Thumb Partnerships

Be a Green Thumb with Garden State Council

What: Green Thumb is a mutually beneficial digital partnership between your Company and the Garden State Council, BSA, focused on cross-promotion and the sponsorship of Scouting events.

Why: The goal of a Green Thumb Partnership is to help your company further its mission. The Garden State Council serves 7,000 families across six counties in South Jersey with a digital reach across the state and beyond. Partnering with an organization founded in values connects your Company to families who are loyal, engaged and active in the community.

When: Green Thumb partnership opportunities exist throughout the calendar year.

How: Grow your Green Thumb partnership by selecting a level and events that work for you.
Each level is connected to Council-hosted events, providing branding/advertising support across the Council’s digital presence, which includes web, social, e-newsletter, and virtual event programming.

The mission of the Garden State Council, BSA is to instill values in young people, so they can make ethical decisions throughout their lifetimes. Scouting prepares young people for life. Character education through outdoor adventure is what we do. Since 1910, the BSA has helped millions of young people and their families create memories that will last a lifetime.

A Scout is thrifty and helpful. So is serving as a Green Thumb.

Green Thumb Partnership Levels


Partner with 1 Event
  • Your link and logo on event website
  • Pre-event – minimum of one posting in FB event
  • Pre-event – minimum of one thank-you post across all social channels
  • During virtual event – verbal recognition from leadership and logo displayed
  • Post-event – minimum of one thank-you post across all social channels
  • Link and logo in one e-newsletter and for one month on Council website


Partner with 3 Events
  • All Seeder recognition with minimum of three postings pre- and post-event, for each event you choose
  • Plus: two weeks in the e-newsletter and two months on the Council website

*When you click the Get Started buttons, you will be taken to our donation portal, powered by Scouting Gives. Select your level and check out there! Then, contact us to discuss your event selections!

Garden State Council Events

  • Events Promoted to All Families

  • Events Promoted to Cub Scout Families (youth K-5th grade)

    • Cub Day Camp in 4 regional locations,
    • Cub Fun Day,
    • Paul Bunyan Day,
    • regional Cub-O-Rees, and
    • Pinewood Derby championships.

  • Events Promoted to Scouts BSA Families (youth ages 11-17)

    • Kueiki Trek Camp and Scouts BSA resident camp experiences,
    • National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT),
    • District Klondike Derbies,
    • District Camporees,
    • Merit Badge Colleges,
    • Eagle Career Dinner
  • Events Promoted to all Families in Scouts BSA and Older Youth Programs (ages 14-20)

    • Shooting Sports Program,
    • Venturing Spring Field Day,
    • Venturing Cardboard Regatta and BBQ,
    • Venturing Pumpkin Palooza,
    • Venturing Holiday Party

  • Events Promoted to Families with Volunteer Leaders

    • District Award Dinners,
    • Council Annual Recognition Event,
    • Leader Training – BALOO and ITOLS,
    • Leader Training – Wood Badge,
    • Wood Badge Dining In

Contact Us

For more information on how to maximize your support to local Scouting and build a legacy of support for future generations of Scouts, call the Development Team at (609)261-5850, or email special-events@gardenstatescouting.org.