Klondike Derby Final Scores for 2022


Turns out that a reschedule didn’t dampen our spirits! The inaugural Pine Hill District Klondike Derby was held on February 12th at Pine Hill Scout Reservation. 166 Scouts ran 34 sleds through 8 stations for an awesome day of skills, teamwork, and fun.

Check out our online photo gallery from the day. More photos will be added as we receive them. If you have photos to add, contact Council.

Derby Results

Congratulations to Sled 8, the Penguins of Troop 3048 for their top score of 390 points. Coming in second place with 380 points is Sled 26, the Axe Olots of Troop 4026. And in a close third with 378 points is Sled 2, the Flower Pot Pirates of Troop 3064-B. Way to go, Scouts! And well done to the rest of the field for their hardwork and Scout spirit throughout the day.